Putin Appeared on Poroshenko’s Election Billboards

In the cities of Ukraine billboards appeared depicting the image of the current president Petro Poroshenko opposite to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Instead of his rival, the leader of a presidential race Vladimir Zelensky, Poroshenko depicted Putin on the banner. The slogan on the billboard says: “April 21st. A decisive choice”.

Another Facebook user, Yury Safronov, published pictures of the same billboards and reminded that he earlier Poroshenko, on the air of “ICTV”, said that Zelensky is not an agent of Putin or a drug addict.

“A request for P. Poroshenko’s supporters — maybe you will delete a huge number of not really friendly caricatures with these labels? And you will delete these words too? After all, you trust your candidate? I also started to think. I thought that P. Poroshenko started to ‘sew up’ Ukraine. But a new day arrived in Kharkov. And I again do not trust!

In January Poroshenko declared his decision to seek reelection. It happened at a forum that was especially organised in Kiev named “From Kruty to Brussels. We go our own way”.

Before his appearance, the delegates of the forum were shown a video about the progress of the country in the last few years. At some point on the screen the image of the Russian and Ukrainian presidents appeared with the signature: “Either Poroshenko or Putin”.

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova laughed at such a pre-election campaign. She joked that Putin, probably, also does not know that he can be chosen instead of Poroshenko.

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