Putin Herded the US Into an Impasse From Which There Is No Escape

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Aggression out of hopelessness

The US finds itself in the most critical situation in all its history. They are like a wolf caught in a trap and desperately darting in all directions in search of deliverance from their impending fate. The exhaustion of the dollar model of hegemony in the world has led the present American State to the deepest crisis, and it visibly transforms into a totalitarian dictatorship of the fascist type. Capitalism responds to its systemic crises precisely with fascism. It began with an actual creeping coup when Congress took away from the President some of his authority in the field of foreign policy issues and sanctions. The two warring parties united against trump, despite the fact that he is in one of them – this is the clearest criterion of DECORATIVE and FAKE democracy in the United States, covering full and total control of big capital over the political system of the country. The fact that they began to force their allies and vassals to pay the American plan of salvation speaks of the hopelessness of the American position.

At first glance, America looks like it goes on the offensive. Europe is forced to its detriment to completely destroy energy schemes and to reshape them as those that provide US domination. It’s not an accident that the Congressmen in Washington simply freaked out and became mad at Russia – every Congressman represents the interests of big American corporations. While the latter is in an alarming state. They need the commodity markets and raw materials, they need the old financial system with the dominance of the dollar. But in all markets – a global American Corporation consider States only as markets – they face Russia, and it is precisely this that explains the fury of American Congressmen. Ukraine, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Syria, Europe, the Middle East – all these territories are supercritically important for the United States, and everywhere Russia does not allow America to carry out their policies there. It’s not just a loss, it’s an impending catastrophe. The United States is aware of this, and will fight against it until its complete elimination. I.e., until the complete destruction of Russia as a State in its current borders. This will not be limited to replacing Putin with a Navalny or a Khodorkovsky. The very possibility in the future of  the appearance of any analogue of Putin, of any politician or political group able to once again start gathering Russia into a single State, and able to challenge America must be removed. And only the dismemberment of Russia can solve this problem.

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The task of the United States is complicated by the fact that Russia is the only State in the world able to physically destroy the United States in 35 minutes.

This means that besides the provocation of a coup and conspiracy, the US has no methods againstKostya Saprykin, as was said by one hero from a popular movie.

The fifth column – the only resource of the US in Russia

And this is indeed the impasse that Putin herded the United States into. In Russia the US has the strongest resource deficit. It’s possible for them to arrest diplomatic property, to over-apply sanctions against Russia until a situation similar to a complete blockade. It is possible to turn Europe inside out and put it on expensive American gas, thereby destroying Europe’s ruling class in the form of large owners, which existed even from the time of Ancient Rome and the Venetian Republic. It’s possible to destroy all Russian gas pipelines and to disconnect us from the system of bank payments. It is even possible to achieve a substantial reduction in living standards in Russia. But! Where is the direct correlation with the fact that all of this will directly lead to the isolation and overthrow of Putin, with the subsequent disintegration of Russia? There is no such direct correlation. The effect is the opposite: the psychology of the besieged fortress, on the contrary, makes the governor super-popular, all troubles are explained as the machinations of enemies, and for the governor a mandate appears for the total “RESHUFFLING” of the elite, as Lukashenko casually joked. And we shouldn’t doubt that following our political tradition, Putin will do with the elites precisely what everyone saw in the words of Lukashenko. Under the general approval of the population. There is just a need to choose the right time for this. Perhaps because of it living won’t be better, but since when in Russia was the governor popular in the criterion of improving life? Russia is not Europe. In Russia those who are popular are those who successfully fight with enemies, and not who fill their fridge. When the enemy is on the doorstep, people quietly endure hardship, and in Russia the authorities were never removed from power because of poverty. They were removed precisely because of the unfair wealth of the minority against the background of the impoverishment of the majority. And if the governor takes this minority by the scruff of the neck, the people will be content with bread and water – it’s not the first time for them. But they will not allow anyone to offend their governor.

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The impasse of the US is in the fact that they plan to plot a conspiracy at the hands of big business sitting on the hook at the US intelligence services. But in doing so the big business in Russia is being split and the base of the conspiracy narrowed. To identify and take under control the circle of such people is a feasible task not only for the FSB – even for the regional police department with moderate-drinking Colonels at the head and by a dozen stray operatives in the staff. And they will certainly do it – if the question will arise about the survival of the system in which their position has weight. All games and money can have a place, until the “attack!” command is given. After this, no amount of bribery is possible. I.e., they will take the money, but the bribers will be jailed anyway.

In addition, big business is physically not shaped for such tasks as conducting state coups. State coups are the affairs of military, intelligence, and government officials, and not of businessmen. Businessmen who flirt with politics will be simply crushed. If the fate of Khodorkovsky didn’t teach the West anything, our businessmen correctly understood everything long ago. While officials are very carefully chosen so that virtually all of them already have something that they could be jailed for today. And there are no idiots there to be involved in conspiracy. A conspiracy of officials is possible when all verticals of power already became rotten and feeble and WANT changes to the SYSTEM. But only the blind can say such things about the current situation of power in Russia today. The vertical is as rich and strong as ever, and even if Putin personally is removed from it, a successor of his politics will come in his place. The ruling layer of those who received power and property is already established and, in the event of regime change, could lose all of this, sometimes even their lives. That’s why the removal of Putin in principle does not solve anything.

The middle-class by its nature is not capable of staging revolutions and conspiracies. The maximum it can do is rare rallies. They don’t present a threat due to their small size and narrow social base. Bolotnaya, “dalnoboyshchiki” [fifth column – ed], and the children of Navalny showed it clearly. Here there is even no need for the Federal Service of Troops Russian Federation National Guard – a simple belt to the ass solves all problems. Social discontent in Russia is NOT because of POVERTY, but because of corruption. You will punish corrupt officials, take steps to reduce the strain of corruption – and people will calm down. No one will go to overthrow Putin because of the intensification of poverty.

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And not because people are “slaves”. Because they are enduring. This endurance must be understood properly – if you build serious plans against Russia. People in Russia historically got used to constraints and quickly adjusted to the fact that what was possible yesterday is impossible today. Well, it’s impossible. It doesn’t matter. The time will come again when it will be possible. God gave, and God also took back. The most important thing is for everything to be just. But this is quite another matter.

In General, however you turn it and squeeze it, tactical victories are quite possible for the West, and they can happen.


It is such a situation where every tactical victory brings total strategic defeat. Similar to the incredible adventures of Hitler in Russia. The more he conquered in tactical battles, the more he was drawn into Russia. And the deeper he was drawn into there, the more inevitable his impending defeat became. Every battle won for a village approached another Stalingrad and the subsequent capture of Berlin with the inevitability of death. And the biggest problem in the German establishment then became choosing the best time to surrender.

The iron kaput of America

It’s clear that history never teaches anything. And it’s a shame. Hitler on 22nd June, 1941, was already warned. And now in the United States the rare sober voice sounds also. But the United States stubbornly goes in the wrong way of Hitler’s Germany. And exactly like the army of Vlasov did not help Hitler, in the same way the army of Navalny will not help McCain or Clinton.

Because even an analogy that on the surface seems to be crazy, upon closer examination it is far from being so. At least not as crazy as those who do not want to notice it.

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