Putin Hides Behind Barricades and Tank Traps: Lies of the Western Media on Russia Day

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Yesterday’s protest in Moscow by the so-called opposition, where Alexey Navalny tried to blend in with Moscow residents celebrating on Tverskaya Street in order to give his protest the false impression of mass character, was expectedly used as a pretext for agitprop by the western media.

Like with the March meetings, where western propaganda wasn’t stopped by the tragedy in the subway of St. Petersburg, and the western media stated that the explosions are the work of the Kremlin, and that they are designed to distract public attention from “mass protests”, now the West uses the meeting for the same purposes too.

So, the editor of the authoritative American Financial Times publication Neil Buckley posted on Twitter a photo of yesterday’s reconstruction on Tverskaya Street, writing with it: “Most countries uses tank traps against invaders. Moscow uses them against its own people”.

Does the journalist writing about Eastern Europe not understand what happened in Moscow yesterday? Perhaps he does not understand the meaning of reconstruction?

It is unlikely: reconstructions of battles of war between the South and North are regularly carried out to the US, some of them are large-scale, they take place in locations where there were large fights in the civil war and are a traditional part of memorial actions.

But here, just to show a part of the wider picture, accompanying it with the necessary text, is just in the spirit of modern anti-Russian western propaganda.

For what is this small lie when all comments to the post can point this out to him. Which we also did. By the way, Neil Buckley hurriedly removed the tweet.

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Nobody had any doubts why this was done: this entire anti-Russian game has long been aimed at the overthrow of the legitimate authority, and finally the partition of Russia, destruction of statehood.

The West already understood that in Russia the Middle Eastern scenario isn’t possible, but from Putin, nevertheless, they purposefully create the image of a tyrant and dictator. As well as creating the image of Russia as a totalitarian police state with powerful repressive apparatus.

The question of Megyn Kelly from CNN was interwoven into this outline during the recent interview with Putin about “repression in Russia”.


That’s what Americans think, because they are forced to think like that, forming a specific picture of the Russian reality, which tank traps on the main street of Moscow are so well interwoven into!

All of this web is woven so that a photo of Gaddafi, Hussein or as a variant Milosevic do not become a shock for the world community.

A similar message from Moscow was sent to American readers by the staff reporter of The New York Times in Russia Neil MacFarquhar. He, as well as his colleague from the Financial Times, posted a tweet of the editor-in-chief of Echo of Moscow Venediktov and wrote: “The blockade set up on Moscow’s main downtown boulevard to prevent anti-Kremlin protesters from coming to Red Square”.

A bit later he wrote the specifying message: “Sandbags were part of a historical reconstruction”.

To which he received quite a natural answer: “It’s by far your most retweeted tweet. Deletion would protect the record, not muddy it”.

Some joked: “It’s expected from the New York Times. Don’t forget to write how they are parading Navalny supporters in medieval stocks”.

European russophobes didn’t stand aside, openly calling for the overthrow of the constitutional system in Russia: “The faster the Kremlin regime falls the better. For Russia and the world”.

Accompanying Navalny’s provocation, Röpcke turns the celebrating Moscow residents and city visitors into “thousands of protesters against the regime”:

The information war doesn’t stop for a minute, and it is conducted against us and Russia as a State.

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