Putin Is Robbing Us

It is constantly written in comments that Putin is robbing us and that oil and gas revenues are received only by oligarchs, which suffocate us with taxes and so on. But how much can Putin actually “rob” from us?


2 barrels of oil is produced, and 1 is sold, per month for each Russian. Total income is $60 per Russian. If you deduct the cost of $20, there will be only $40!


730 billion cubic meters of gas is produced per year, 200 billion – exports. Selling all the gas gives $100 for each Russian. Just export – $30. Taking into account the cost price, only $18 remains!


The entire budget of Russia (which officials allegedly embezzle) is about 11,000 rubles per month per capita.

Reserve funds

This gives a contribution of about $20 per person per month.


The state distributes 14,000 rubles monthly per capita. Added to this is the Pension Fund at 20% and social insurance at 6%.

Even if all this money is distributed, Russians will not become strongly rich, but everything will become chargeable – roads, medicine, education. Army… I don’t know how the army will be funded.

And whoever becomes the leader of the country – the new Putin, Navalny, or Zelensky – cannot bypass the laws of the economy. This is how any state works. And our standard of living is determined by our wealth (and this we have!), our population, and productivity.

And stop talking about what the state owes you! The state is you and I. Do I owe you anything or do you owe me something?

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Vladimir Morozov

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