Putin Named the Main Task of the Russian Armed Forces for the Next 10 Years

The Russian army is to be armed with lasers, strike drones, and artificial intelligence…

“We see that the world faces serious challenges and threats,” said Putin, beginning an enlarged meeting of the Security Council devoted to defence tasks up to 2030 with bad news. “There are many factors of uncertainty. Technologies, including military ones, are rapidly developing, and competition and rivalry are increasing and taking new forms. In different regions of the planet, not only are the hotbeds of long-standing conflicts smouldering, but new ones are also emerging. Leading countries are actively improving their offensive weapons. The so-called ‘missile and nuclear club’ is in fact being replenished with new members. The approach of NATO’s military infrastructure to our borders is a matter of serious concern.”

If we add the US’ exit from the INF Treaty, the situation looks very unpredictable. But Russia also has good news.

“The state program of armaments allowed to start a radical technical re-equipping of the military organisation. In the army and in the navy, the proportion of modern weapons and equipment is already more than 68%,” Putin said. “At the same time, some samples are ahead of foreign analogues for years to come. We have now been able to actually take a step forward compared to other leading military countries in the world – of course, we should strive to preserve this position in the future.”

As early as next year the State Armament Program up to 2033 will start to take shape, but the main task remains the same.

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“Our task for the next decade is to continue the course of strengthening and developing the military, technical, and personnel potential of the country‘s military organisation,” Putin said. “Increasing the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of weapons and equipment. This is about modern and promising samples of precision weapons and means of aerospace defence, as well as the active use of artificial intelligence technologies in the creation of military products. Among other things, the range of unmanned reconnaissance and strike aircraft, laser and hypersonic systems, weapons based on new physical principles, as well as robotic systems capable of performing diverse tasks on the battlefield should be expanded.”

Dmitry Smirnov

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