Putin Outplayed Everyone By Letting Navalny Go Abroad

In general, among the mass of absurdities and nonsense of this case, one event still stands out. This is the permission granted for sending Navalny to Charité.

And I have a strong feeling that it was precisely after this event that absurdities and nonsense somehow fell like a collapsing jack, sweeping away logic, common sense and in general the realism of what is happening.

Well, i.e., before his release, everything seemed to point to the version “Putin and the FSB are destroying Aleksey Navalny”. And then – somehow everything went to hell.

Because, well, first of all, it basically breaks the logic of “Putin ordered it”. Because, well, seriously, if Putin would have ordered it, then definitely Putin would not have released him from under his influence. Alive, that’s for sure, and most likely dead too.

And this, by the way, would give credibility to the versions about Putin ordering it. Well, that is logical, Putin ordered it – therefore he did not allow foreign medicine to reach Navalny, and even more so did not allow Navalny to go to foreign medicine.

But he did. All this logic comes to nothing.

And then strange ridiculous things like the Novichok bottle. Well, seriously, it doesn’t fit in anywhere at all, a useless falsification that it seems even Navalny forgets about in his mega-investigations with all his might.

But if, say, to imagine that Navalny had not been released – then he acquires direct nuclear and mighty power. Because things would then still make sense – Navalny is not allowed out of the country, and the bottle from which he drank is smeared with “Novichok”, tut-tut.

I, by the way, do not exclude that it is on this bottle that the OPCW would have found a natural “Novichok”, without any “similar but not in the lists” there.

But, again, Putin let Navalny go to Charité. As a result, this bottle in all theories sticks out a mute reproach.

And in general, let’s be honest, Charité is not the Bundeswehr and not doctors from Omsk. Well, i.e. it was quite officially stated that the pilots in the Russian Federation, emergency responders in the Russian Federation and even the doctors in the Russian Federation did everything right and saved Navalny.

And this was said not by Golikova or even Putin, but by German doctors.

And therefore, to save Navalny, it was not at all feats and excitement, but ordinary actions, ordinary protocols, nothing unusual at all.

In general, Putin outplayed all of them, because it was really unexpected and unpredictable move – who would have guessed that he would be released from a written undertaking. And even as a safe guess.

But Putin released him.

And thus broke the game, turning potentially serious claims into farce and buffoonery.

Logichnyy zaputinets (Zen Yandex)

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