Putin: Russians and Ukrainians Are One Nation

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Russians and Ukrainians are one nation, which at first were divided, and then set against one another, but an exit out of this situation is sure to be found, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the plenary session of international “Valdai” discussion club.

“However, I consider and have considered that Russians and Ukrainians are one nation. We have people of extreme nationalist views both in Russia and in Ukraine. But in general, the majority are one nation. A nation with one history, one culture. Very close ethnically,” said Putin, answering a question about current relations of the people of Russia and Ukraine.

“In the beginning we were divided, and afterwards set against one another. But we are guilty of it ourselves. And we have to find a way out of this situation. I am sure that common sense will prevail. And we will find a way out,” Putin assured.

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