“Putin Sent” to Donbass a New Secret Weapon Against the UAF – It Works at Night, Silently, and Without a Flash

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The Ukrainian military fighting in Donbass reported about the use by the militia of a new secret weapon from Russia.

This was stated in a TSN broadcast, which was posted on YouTube.

A UAF fighter with the callsign “Maestro” spoke about the weapons. He said that the Ukrainian military do not know what kind of weapon it is. According to the soldier, it works silently and even without a flash.

“It explodes in the air and then debris falls down,” said the soldier, describing the action of this weapon.

The use of such a weapon was noticed near the village of Troitskoye — one of the most active hot-spots in Donbass. Maestro noted that the Ukrainian military have so far managed to keep this town for itself.

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