Putin sobered Ukrainian Ambassador at CIS Summit

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



At the Commonwealth of Independent States summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin sobered the Ambassador of Ukraine in Kyrgyzstan Nikolay Doroshenko, who urged to refuse Russia the right to preside in the CIS. A correspondent of the Federal News Agency discussed the situation with political analyst and journalist Yury Kot.

Ambassador Doroshenko proposed to not vote for the article about the transfer to Russia of the right of presidency in the CIS. The reason, in his opinion, was Russia’s violation of International Law in regard to the annexation of Crimea. President Putin said that Ukraine, unfortunately, has no say in the matter, as it has not signed or ratified the CIS Charter.

“Ukraine six months ago, screamed and jumped, that they even want to leave the CIS. And now the Ambassador in Kyrgyzstan… Maybe he just wanted a minute of glory? Putin responded to him correctly. Those people who represent Ukraine in the corridors of power of international institutions are criminals. All of them were appointed illegally. Behind the statements of a certain Ambassador of Ukraine in Kyrgyzstan addressed to Vladimir Putin I see a midget the that tries to bark at Gulliver,” commented Yuri Kot. “Putin is a lawyer, to put it mildly, of the highest class, he clearly understands what he’s talking about, and he thinks about every word, before saying something. In contrary, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Kyrgyzstan Doroshenko who rather resembles very much Poroshenko. I would not be surprised if he has alcohol instead of blood. Or maybe he was afraid that to be impassioned by the beautiful. The man was in an inadequate state”.

In regards to Crimea and supposed violations of International Law, Putin also did not remain in debt and expressed himself in a way that probably shocked Mr. Doroshenko. “Russia did not annex anything. Whatever happened with Crimea is the result of unlawful actions of certain political forces in Ukraine who had brought the situation to a state coup,” said Putin.

“If the Ambassador is at least a little bit clued up on International Law, he would have realized that Crimea was annexed in accordance with International Law. Another thing is that acting like his patron Klimkin is natural to him. Surprisingly, the Ambassador in Guatemala, didn’t state anything like this or maybe in Zimbabwe they did not say anything,” said the interlocutor. “It would be better if they give back to the Ukrainian textbooks an opus about themselves — “the heart of a dog“, and remember that in such moments they look like Sharikov and Shvonder”.

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