Putin’s Castling: Minsk Is the Only Way to Go

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Something happened behind the dusty scenes, the air began to tremble – changing the outlines of familiar subjects, and on the horizon at last the solution to the Donbass conflict began to dawn. The firm statements of Putin unambiguously told Pyotr Alekseevich Poroshenko that the Crimean sabotage will only be forgiven if he provides the LDPR with special status.

It is easy to understand the sudden fearful abatement of the world community. In the eyes of, say, Europe, to deliver such an ultimatum to forces that are seen behind the pathetic figure of the Ukrainian president is a reckless, fatally dangerous call. Ultimatums are simply not issued and gloves are not thrown at the world hegemon. It is customary to only agree with him. Well, at least to long and tiresomely bargain for each position.

Probably, many paid attention to the significant phrase said by Nazarbayev at a meeting with Putin. He said that it is an absence of a majority in the Rada that prevents Poroshenko from accepting special status for Donbass. It’s as if the Ukrainian leader is inclined to reach a compromise, but somehow they are impossible to find.

Translated from a diplomatic language to a human one, it means that Poroshenko said via Nazarbayev’s mouth:

a) he signals his readiness to fulfil, at last, Minsk-2,

b) that he asked Putin if he finally resolved this slippery issue with the State Department. Because Pyotr Alekseevich isn’t authorized to look for compromises by himself. His status doesn’t allow it.

Probably, this time something changed in the ratio of forces between the world elite and Putin to the point that Russia started to dictate its terms, despite the discomfort the hegemon is enduring because of it.

This puzzling question can be analysed only in the context of a world situation that seems chaotic at first glance. Fever of the becoming-frequent extremist provocations frightens and prevents to see the systematic iron logic behind it. A series of conducted and unrealized terrorist attacks last month are in reality very non-uniform. They are accurately categorised into “traditional” diversions made against casual citizens, and large-scale armed actions that can be called attacks against statehood. Here they are:

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– On the night of 15th-16th July – attempted state coup in Turkey.

– On July 17th – a group of armed persons seized a police office in Yerevan.

– On July 18th – an attack on regional department of police and National Security Committee in Alma-Ata.

– On August 7th-8th – acts of terrorism by the Ukrainian military in Crimea are prevented.

It is necessary to specify that the Armenian incident provoked by the opposition and was followed by mass protests can, together with Turkey, confidently be qualified as an attempt to violently change power.

In crime committed in Kazakhstan, despite extreme reticence of the mass media, firstly it is obvious that there are similarities between the Almaty act of terrorism and the one that happened in June in Aktyubinsk. Secondly, both attacks on law enforcement bodies, on the one hand, were accurately organized, and on the other hand are senseless, as they didn’t have or proclaim any purpose. It gives reason to say that these acts were demonstrations to authorities of certain anti-governmental forces’ ample possibilities, which explains the dead silence of these authorities in response. Thirdly, the single fact of choosing power structures as a target is a testimony in itself.

The planned destruction of the targeted objects in the failed Crimean sabotages would have cut the peninsula’s popliteal sinew. The successful destruction of the ferry, oil depot, chemical plant, Simferopol – Yalta route, and tourist infrastructure would paralyze life in Crimea for many years.

Thus, the series of tragedies during the summer showed the germination of an absolutely new kind of terrorism. Seemingly, small groups of bearded mercenary-kamikazes covered by explosives and grenades are a thing of the past. In their place are still certain psychopaths and the remains of ISIS members who are hysterically trying to support their tarnished prestige. From now on, whatever religious and political views extremism will dress itself with, it will shift under the directive of oppositional forces (in the case of Crimea – former opposition) that are guided from outside.

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We can consider it proved the link between the Turkish, Armenian, as well as Kazakhstan opposition and the American and Israeli espionage and military structures. And there is no need to speak about “independent” Ukraine, the State Department doesn’t even hide its governance of Kiev.

These connections are confirmed:

1) by the suddenness and high-quality performance of sabotages,

2) by a wide resonance – the conflicts disperse in society, like ripples on water,

3) by the difficulty in resolving these sabotages – the Armenian incident lasted a whole two weeks, Erdogan thanked Vladimir Putin, without who Recep Tayip couldn’t visit Moscow, for suppressing the Turkish coup attempt.

This obvious circumstance points to the fact that it wasn’t Ukraine who had a fiasco in Crimea. Russia outplayed a global terrorist sphere, in comparison with which ISIS looks like a lop-eared imbecile.

Moreover, she outplayed it not just once! What do you think – why did Erdogan rush to reconciliation with Putin? Exactly. Because nobody, except Putin, could get the shadows that were looming behind Turkish nationalists.

And why, especially now, were the prepared acts of terrorism in Samara and St. Petersburg revealed, and repulsion of extremists was done in the Moscow region? After all, two capitals and the largest city are involved. Together with Crimea it looks something like a dotted trace of a serial maniac who was going to grasp Russia like Europe. But he didn’t understand there is not one, but two big differences …

It is necessary to recognize that before the sabotage in Crimea, all actions on a similar scale managed to be brought to the stage of realization. After which the masters of the situation had an opportunity to dictate their terms.

However after the failure of the Crimean acts of terrorism, it is Putin who got the possibility to dictate terms.

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This, of course, is not the first victory of Russia in global confrontation. Generally, such castling is quite in Putin’s style. What is also remarkable: the unwavering devotion of the Russian government to the Minsk agreements, which most waved off a long time ago. It’s incredible how much firmness was necessary to hold the ground, despite the disappointment, the apparent frustration, and obtuse resistance. How much limitless patience was required not to break or succumb to the temptation of unraveling the Donbass knot with a stroke of the pen, but to succeed in imposing his option – the most safe for all involved parties.

Also it is necessary to be the true professional in order to catch the necessary instant, to knee wheel and lay the opponent out on the mat.

Having used Carlos Castaneda’s term, it is possible to say that Putin, without allowing giving up on Minsk-2, created intent of infinity that can be steered towards anything. Because the failure of the Crimean provocation and the expected special status of LDPR testify to the emergence on a world scene of a new force that’s quite capable of resisting the notorious Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the intelligence services that are under their supervision.

This new secret structure – Putin’s order.

It works with absolutely other principles than ancient Masonic lodges, but more effectively because it isn’t connected by mystical traditions and avoids all ritual nonsense. He is guided not by someone’s dogma, but by usual human values and cares not only about his own ego, but also the real interests of those around him. Putin’s order doesn’t spend its forces on hatred for the strong and doesn’t distract itself on the senseless pursuit of the weak. It always responds to requests for help, but doesn’t allow anyone to cause self-confusion.

This order works in Russia and worldwide. It is ready to accept allies in its ranks without any adoubement and sacrificial victims. It needs friends, but not slaves.

Maybe there are only compatriots in Putin’s order. But they will never betray.

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