Putin’s Response to Western Elite in Bloomberg Interview

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ruslan Ostashko

The most important information event on Friday became Vladimir Putin’s interview with Bloomberg, in which the Russian President touched on many key issues on the global information agenda. I’m sure dozens of publications will take this interview and will discuss every question asked and answer received, but I want to offer you, dear friends, to look at it from a non-conventional perspective.

The thing is John Micklethwait, chief editor of the Agency Bloomberg, which conducted an interview with the Russian President, is not just a journalist, but one of the few journalists who for many years participated in meetings of the Bilderberg club as a full member this influential shadow groups, whose views often determine the policy of Western countries. It is especially with this, it seems to me, we can possibly explain the unusual format of the interview and the fact that Vladimir Putin called his interlocutor an “expert”, debating with him more as a politician than a journalist. And also with this we can explain the significant audacity when asking questions, which a person behind the back of whom there is only a news agency, even the most influential agency in the world, is hardly able to afford themselves.

If you look at Putin’s interview from this point of view, it can be considered as his response to the Western political elite. And here are the key points I would like to highlight.

John Micklethwait asked Putin if he is willing to exchange or sell the Kuril Islands and Kaliningrad, for which he immediately received a sharp response of the Russian President. On account of the Kurils the response was reduced to the traditional Putin formulation that Russia does not sell its territories, but seeks agreements that suits both parties. And about Kaliningrad, Putin outlined to the representative of the “Bilderberg club” the following perspective: if someone starts to revise the results of World War II, the question of the Eastern territories of Germany, the affiliation of Lvov, and the borders of Romania and Hungary will immediately be raised. So if someone wants to open this “Pandora’s Box”, or as Putin expressed it, “take the flag in your hands and go forward.” John Micklethwait hurried to say that he was joking. The video interview shows that this “joke” was not appreciated by Putin.

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The second important point. John Micklethwait asked Putin about Russian gold and currency reserves, budget deficits, and the price of oil, distorting (like many Russian liberals) the quote of the Russian President on the fall of oil production if the price falls below $80 per barrel. To which Putin reasonably replied that according to all possible estimations, we have enough gold and currency reserves, the budget deficit is moderate, and about the oil prices the Russian President noted that at this price investment in oil production sharply reduced, and that he meant especially this, and not what that was misquoted by some journalists.

I have just obtained data compiled by this same Bloomberg, which, oddly enough, points to the 100% correctness of the Russian President. Here it is:

Due to the fact that with low oil prices no one will invest in the exploration of new reserves, the quantity and size of new fields in 2015 and 2016 fell to almost zero. This means that in the future there will inevitably be a shortage of oil and the correlating raised prices. I take this response by Putin as a subtle hint at serious economic circumstances, which will not please our Western partners.

We must pay tribute to the representative of the “Bilderberg club”. He tried very hard to provoke the Russian President and get the desired answers from him. In particular, he tried to present Putin as such a convincing enemy of Europe who desires the collapse of the Eurozone, the destruction of the Euro, and the complete collapse of the European project. Finally, who can better support the anti-Russian propaganda in Europe than the words of the Russian President himself? Putin, as expected, did not take the bait. He wished the Europeans the best of luck in dealing with the crisis and noted that he criticizes the foreign policy of the EU, but Russia hopes for the best in terms of the European economy.

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The second failed provocation was an attempt to force Putin to publicly support Donald trump as a candidate for the office of President of the United States. Or at least admit that it is Russia is behind hacking attacks on the servers of the Democrat party. The provocation failed, as Putin spoke about the readiness to work with any American President for compliance with agreements. And in order for the interviewer to not only become painful, but also hurting, he added, that he doesn’t understand why the American public was so surprised by the information revealed by the hackers. In translation from diplomatic to Russian, it sounded something like “But, everyone knows that your political system is rotten, and it’s enough to  put on a front”.

And the last important element. The Russian President stressed that if someone in American leadership will try to “get rid of us, we will survive it and here it is unknown who will lose more with this kind of approach.” And then Putin broke the format of the interview and asked a direct question to the representative of the “Bilderberg club”. Putin asked would he want a repetition of the “Caribbean crisis,” to which John Micklethwait quickly replied that “nobody wants this”. From my point of view, it was another clear and unambiguous message to our Western partners. As they say, with a kind word and nuclear weapon, it is possible to achieve much more than with just a kind word. It is hoped that our Western partners will make the right conclusions from the Russian President’s words.

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