Rabid Ukrainian Nationalist Andrey Biletsky Admitted That the Socio-Economic Situation in Ukraine Will Only Worsen

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Because of impoverishment and the falling of the standard of living, radical moods will amplify in Ukrainian society. 
This was stated on the air of the NewsOne TV channel by the founder of the neo-Nazi regiment “Azov” and the “National Corpus” party, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andrey Biletsky.

“Tension exists, but it is caused not by radical elements, but by several things – four years of war. It, let’s be honest, has dragged on a little, it needed to be solved earlier. The absolute impoverishment of the population and absolute despair. Every day we lose a part of the population, which goes abroad. And another part becomes more radical, aggressive. But this is the normal reaction of society. It will be like this in any country if such a situation like the one we have arrives,” said Biletsky.

“The war – it hasn’t been solved at all and isn’t going to be solved because it is rather convenient position for Porosheko. The absolute degradation of the country in the socio-economic plain. Yes, this leads to radicalisation,” recognised the deputy.


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