Race Riots, Jackals, & the Bill of Rights

I got up late since yesterday I watched until late the Belgian adventure movie Kenau (2014), about the siege of the Dutch city of Haarlem by Spanish troops in 1532. It is a story about the courageous women who fought against invaders for the independence of their people.

I made coffee, fried blini, and, enjoying the view of the sunlit lake from the veranda window, started to have breakfast. Birds sing on the occasion of the beginning of summer. Good!

In parallel, I watched the news feed on the Internet. It was filled with reports of race riots in America, including the events in Harlem – another city, founded in the New World by Dutch refugees from the bloody military clashes that went on for 80 years. So it’s spiritually connected with the events of the national liberation struggle of the Protestant Dutch against the Catholic Spaniards.

Sipping fragrant coffee, I started to compare events that had been separated by 5 centuries. Who is at war with whom in the US now? Who do the black mutineers want to free themselves from? Is there no parallel with the struggle of the Dutch for national independence?

And it is the Democrats and Republicans who are fighting against each other for power in the United States, and therefore around the world. The Democrats incite riots of the black population against the authorities to show the weakness of the regime of the Republican D. Trump. Like saying: he doesn’t do everything as he should, while we, when we come to power, we will do it as it should be and even better.

However, the descendants of Dutch settlers, the so-called WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants), appeared to be under the attack of the blacks. It is their interests that Donald Trump represents.

The stakes in the unfolding armed conflict under the name of “Washington Maidan” are high – the opportunity to continue to rob the entire world through financial mechanisms, and to put discontent people in their place by force. Trump is also not an angel, but he has refused to use force on the international arena, because he realises that this could lead to world war III and destroy the America he loves. And the Democrats think that they can once again bomb Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, or whatever else that comes under their hand and they will not receive any punishment for it, and the money will continue to flow like a river into their pocket.

This is more or less clear. It is also clear that allies and satellites, figuratively speaking, wolves and foxes, having felt that the lion is rather dead than alive, started to look for the new master of the forest. Here, A. Merkel said she was ill and does not want to go to the G7 summit to Trump’s place. E. Macron is lying low in his hole and is closely following the developments in the United States. The English Queen pretends that the bloody riots do not concern her, because America is no longer a colony of Great Britain and even not its dominion, like Canada.

But what should servile elites do in this situation? Various Ukraines and the Baltic States that joined them? They are used to eating what the Democrats will give them from their table, in the international game they can play only the role which animals like the jackal play in the animal world. They need to make difficult choices now. Either condemn the rioters and support the government in Washington in its efforts to stop the race riots – this means supporting D. Trump, or to support the rioters and to say that there is racial discrimination in the country and it should be stopped. In that case the American Democrats will be supported. But then it will be necessary to admit that in the countries they govern too there is something wrong with equality. In that case it will be necessary to recognise the right of the oppressed peoples to revolt.

After all, it says in the American Declaration of Independence:

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

I, from such seditious thoughts, even forgot about coffee and choked on my last blini. My goodness, how tricky everything in the world turns out to be arranged! You sit in the District Committee in Kiev, Riga, Tallinn, or Vilnius, drink coffee, and calmly wait for instructions from above. And in Washington, the building of the Regional Committee has already been set on fire and orders for how to act don’t arrive. What to do, where to run for instructions?

I closed my computer and went for a walk on the coast of the lake. It’s not my business to grieve for jackals.

Aleksandr Gaponenko

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