Rada Deputy Mosiychuk: Murders of Givi & Motorola Are the Response to the Elimination of Konovalets & Bandera

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The People’s Deputy of Ukraine Igor Mosiychuk stated on his page on Facebook that the murder of Givi and Motorola was a response to the elimination of Konovalts, Bandera, and other politicians.

“The murder of a leader became a link in a chain of political punishments: Trotsky — Petliura — Konovalets — Rebet — Bandera — Dudaev — Litvinenko — Voronenkov. At first Vecheka, then NKVD, Ministry of State Security — KGB – FSB,” wrote the People’s Deputy.

According to Mosiychuk, Russia’s methods of work haven’t changed over time.

“Ukrainians started counting the response blows: Motorola, Givi… It is impossible to stop. The list of names of eliminated enemies must prevail over the list of the killed Heroes. Because only retribution gives you the right to call yourself the worthy descendants of glorious ancestors,” is is said in the post of the People’s Deputy.

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