Rada Deputy: Poland Banned All Participants of the “ATO” in Donbass From Entering The Country

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Polish authorities declared that they won’t allow people who participated in the so-called ATO in Donbass to cross the border.

If those who desire to leave will hide the fact that they participated in military operations, they will forever be forbidden from entering the country.

This was reported by the Deputy of the Ukrainian parliament Vadim Rabinovich.

“Today in Ukraine, according to official statistics, there are 306,000 participants in the ATO. Now all of them will be turned away at any border,” stated Rabinovich.

He emphasized that now all Ukrainians who fought in Donbass will be obliged to rigorously conceal this fact and hide their “honourable” certificates.

“We managed to make almost an enemy out of our most European friend. The glorification of UPA, which in Poland is perceived with hostility, separates us on different sides of the barricade. If earlier Poland was a country that always supported Ukraine, now it is not like that anymore. Despite the fact that Warsaw issued to Ukrainians 1.2 million working visas and our people flooded their labor market, relations to ‘commuters’ constantly worsens. After all, we constantly lie to them,” stated the Deputy.

The certificate of a participant of military operations in Ukraine becomes more and more useless paper — with enviable frequency new reports emerge about how punishers are refused free travel even on city public transport. Now also Poland betrayed the All-Ukrainian dream of a visa-free regime, having made punishers ineligible to travel abroad.

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