Radical Nationalists From All Over the Country Summoned to Odessa for May 2nd

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Ukrainian nationalists openly call on radicals from all over the country to come to Odessa on May 2nd.

As the activist of UNA-UNSO Nazar Prikhodko noted on his Facebook page, nationalists must unite in groups and arrive to Odessa by May 2nd.

According to him, this is necessary, allegedly, “… to provide order!”, because, again allegedly “… events near the Monument to the Unknown sailor on April 10th showed the inability and indifference of local law enforcement agencies to collaborationist statements and anti-Ukrainian slogans!”

And this is despite the fact that on the Walk of Glory no slogans in support of the occupation of a part of the Ukrainian territory or statements of an anti-Ukrainian character have been officially recorded!

And after the fact that all who were detained for disorderly conduct, hooliganism, and forceful counteraction of the police were released, and the leadership of the Odessa police, who fired the head of police for public safety, agreed to hold a functional audit check of the activity of all employees involved on the Walk of Glory and even promised to allow radical public organizations to conduct this check of representatives!

At this time the question on what basis the radical social activists assume the obligations of law enforcement agencies, remains without answer.

How not to remember the well-known expression of Seneca –“impunity generates permissiveness”.

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