Radicals From “Azov” Staged a Riot Outside a Construction Yard in Odessa

Translated by Ollie Richardson



On July 8th, in Odessa, at the 8th station of the Large Fountain on 15 Kamanin Street, radicals conducted a protest action against the building of high-rises by the “Kadorr Group” construction company, the owner of which is the businessman Adnan Kivan.

It is worth emphasizing that the protesters were met by defenders of the constructions on the coast of Odessa, according to who the activity of Adnan Kivan brings a new standard of living in the city’s infrastructure. A police cordon was built between the sides of the confrontation, which restrained them for an hour.

An hour later Adnan Kivan’s defenders came inside the buildings in question to stop the fighting. However, the militants of “Azov” arrived at the meeting place. Thus, the radicals started to break open the gate, trying to enter into the building, however they were stopped by the police. At the same time the radicals started a fire.

Being afraid of the radicals, the builders begun to attack with gas. In response to this the police demanded to open the gate, to take everyone inside, and show the documents. The builders refused to let the police in and barricaded themselves inside.

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