Radicals from “C14” Attacked the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Kiev Whilst Children Were Inside

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Radicals from C14 rushed into the Rossotrudnichestvo (Russian Centre for Science and Culture) building in Podil, Kiev on 2 Borisoglebskaya Street.

As eyewitnesses reported to “Strana”, during the raid of the building children from a drama school were present, who were rehearsing the play The Government Inspector. In total there were about 100 adults and children in the building at the time.

The police arrived on a call and came into the building, but, despite this, the radicals continued to breakthrough the doors using a grinder.

Also, it was reported that they tagged the premises of “Rossotrudnichestvo” with slogans and damaged an exposition in memory of Chaliapin that was being shown in one of the rooms.

After about an hour of disorder the radicals left the room.

It should be noted that on the Facebook page of the radicals there is talk about occupying the building. The radicals also published a video of the attack.

Poroshenko Was Warned About the Consequences of an Attack on the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Kiev

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