Radicals Torched Two More “Opposition Bloc” Offices in the Dnepropetrovsk Area

Translated by Ollie Richardson



On the night of May 12th, in the Dnepropetrovsk area two more offices of the “Opposition Bloc” were torched. The party reported that it is revenge for May 9th in Dnepropetrovsk. This was stated on website of the political party.

The co-chairman of the faction “Opposition Bloc” in parliament Aleksandr Vilkul stated that the office in Kamenskoye (Dneprodzerzhinsk) was torched in the middle of the night.

“According to our information – it is Nazis and radicals from the regional center. They can’t forgive the fact that hundreds of thousands people supported us for May 9th,” stated the politician.

According to police, which began investigative actions, unknown people rolled tires forward, poured a gas mixture over them, and set them on fire.

In Krivoy Rog unknown persons also set fire to tires near the party office.

Now in Kamenskoye and Krivoy Rog the police are engaged in investigations into the night arsons. Information was entered in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations under Part 2 of Article 194 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (wilful destruction or damage of property by arson, explosion).

As a reminder, on May 11th, 2017, at 3:30 a.m. two men, hiding their faces with hoods, threw some Molotov cocktails into the office of the “Opposition Bloc” in Dnepropetrovsk. After this, the attackers disappeared by car.


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