“Radio Svoboda” Passed Off Photoshopped Images as “Support” for Ukraine in the DPR

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The latest planting of fake information about leaflets bearing pro-Ukrainian symbols in the DPR was spread by the Ukrainian media on the eve of Ukraine’s Independence Day and the Day of the Ukrainian flag.

The pro-West propaganda channel Radio Svoboda published photos that, according to journalists, “were sent in by inhabitants of the occupied territory”, and not only from Donetsk, but also Shakhtersk, Enakievo, and other cities of the Republic.

“On the eve of Independence Day and the Day of the Ukrainian flag patriotic inscriptions and blue-yellow flags appeared in the different cities of so-called DPR. The photo is from reliable sources,” wrote the Ukrainian journalists.

According to the interlocutor of “DPR Pravda” – a graphic designer, this is not the first time Ukrainian propagandists have produced such a fake.

“This isn’t the first time that this has happened. And each time it is worse and worse. They even ceased to try to make them normal and plausible. Most likely, it was designed for ‘babushkas’. Any person with a little understanding of graphic programs can spot a fake with the naked eye – shadows from standard sets of clipart, graphic imperfections on bends, etc,” said the interlocutor of the publication. “Thus, like before, the policy of Ukraine is directed not towards solving the current situation, but to conducting information war and misleading their own citizens”.

As a reminder, the Ukrainian media produces such fakes on the eve of significant dates. In January of this year (the anniversary of the shelling of a bus near Volnovakha by the UAF) fakes were published featuring the “apologies” of official structures of the DPR for “destroying a ordinary Donetsk-Zlatoustovka passenger bus”. On the eve of May 9th fake information about leaflets with Ukrainian symbols in the DPR on Victory Day was also produced and spread. Also, on the eve of Easter a fake about alleged partisans distributing leaflets with appeals to “surrender” was spread far and wide.

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