“Radio Svoboda” Will Be Punished for Publishing a Fake Story About Coronavirus Euthanasia in Russia

In the near future, theRadio Svoboda website will pay a tidy sum for spreading false information. However, such a punishment is unlikely to stop false journalists. It is time to shut down this media that cooperates with Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

On April 11th, a journalist from the program “Sever. Realii” (part of the “Radio Svoboda” media holding) Tatiyana Voltskaya published an article about the problems caused by coronavirus in St. Petersburg. She pointed out that she interviewed an experienced resuscitator and he allegedly said that due to the lack of personal protective equipment and necessary equipment, persons infected with “covid” are being euthanised.

In May of this year, “Radio Svoboda” itself published similar material. It also promoted the problem of St. Petersburg. In particular, the topic of euthanasia in medical institutions was discussed.

Later it turned out that the resuscitator, who gave an interview on the condition of anonymity to Tatiyana Voltskaya, is actually an employee of the Nikiforov Center. His name is Petr Stekanov. The medical officer said that Voltskaya provided fictitious data. As a result, she was brought to administrative responsibility.

Now it is the turn of “Radio Svoboda”. Khodorkovsky’s “MBKh Media” was one of the first to report this. Both of these media outlets are actively working on the topic of medicine. The latter promoted the theme of “killer doctors”.

All this suggests that it is time to punish unscrupulous journalists and biased media more harshly. For misinformation it is necessary to give real prison terms, and to prescribe penalties. In this case, the misinformation will become much less.

Nikolay Kireyev

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