Rafael Lusvarghi is Being Terrorized in Lukyanovka Jail

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




Public resonance is necessary!!!

I didn’t think that I would have to write about it again, but what is now happening at the Lukyanovka pre-trial detention center mustn’t be silenced.

The Ukrainian regime pulls the wool over the eyes of their western allies and to various international human rights organizations that it is ready to exchange prisoners, cooperate, and in general achieve a peaceful solution of the conflict in Donbass. So how can all this be explained…

Only one example. Literally now (these days) in Lukyanovka the administration of the prison (obviously at the suggestion of the SBU) tries to break over their knee the man, former LPR militiamen (then of the DPR) from Brazil Rafael Markus Lusvarghi. He was arrested at Kiev airport in the autumn of 2016.

In principle, he was caught out by his own foolishness, and is guilty himself in many respects, but so it turned out:

“In the beginning of the year Lusvarghi sent many email messages to private security companies because he was looking for a job. He received several job offers from different places. Six months later he received an email from Omega Consulting Group. He responded to their UK office in January,” said Rafael Machado to Tsargrad.

According to him, Lusvarghi was offered a job in the field of protection of ships at sea. The first task for him was to travel from Odessa to Sri Lanka. And although he doubted and worried about his safety, the receiving party in Ukraine assured that he would not be threatened, as it had been agreed in advance with the OSCE. The friend of Lusvarghi believes that he was especially deceitfully lured to Kiev by the SBU.

Until January, 2017, he was held in SBU isolation centers, and apparently, they couldn’t break him. Just a week ago he was transferred to Lukyanovka and practically immediately tossed him in with local crooks, who arranged for him genuine terror.

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I ask for maximum repost; the only thing that commanders and executors are afraid of in this case is public resonance.

P.S. I hope very much that this information will reach Nadiya Savchenko. Nadiya, you were also in captivity and understand how it is. Also you understand all the horrible things that are occuring. You have charged yourself with this burden, so the cards are in your hands. Seemingly, you are the exact person who can and has to investigate this situation. For you it will be the most simple to do.

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