Raising a New Generation of Nazis: Biletsky Opened a New Session of the “Azovets” Camp

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Militants of Azov published videos of the opening of a new changeover of the Ukrainian children’s camp, where they impart Nazi ideology and hatred towards Russia to the younger generation since childhood.

Andrey Biletsky personally greeted the children and promised to raise them into real Nazis.

The Ukrainian self-proclaimed power in the spring of 2014 begun to conduct a punisher operation against the civilians of Donbass, and also people who took up arms to defend their native land.

Kiev attracted regular units of the Ukrainian army and also ultra-nationalist battalions to carrying out combat operations, which proved to be especially cruel in relation to the Russian-speaking population of the DPR and LPR.

At present a truce is effective, which the Ukrainian side uses for the rotation of troops and the strengthening of their equipment. Besides this, systematic shelling from positions of the UAF doesn’t cease. The Ukrainian aggressor at any time can launch a massive offensive.

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