Rally Took Place in Kiev Against Renaming Vatutin Avenue in Honor of the Leader of UPA

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In Kiev a rally took place against the renaming of General Vatutin Avenue in honor of one of the leaders of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) Roman Shukhevych. This was stated by the representative of the Institute of Legal Policy and Social Protection Irina Berezhnaya.

“Today in Mariinsky park the Kiev Veterans Organization of Ukraine, together with our Institute of Legal Policy and Social Protection a rally took place near the monument to the legendary commander Nikolay Vatutin, who liberated the hero town of Kiev from fascist aggressors,” she wrote on Facebook.

She noted that the participants of the rally, among whom there are many veterans of the Great Patriotic War, signed the petition to the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko “with the demand not to sign the Kiev City Council’s decision of June 1st on renaming Vatutin Avenue to Shukhevych Avenue”.

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