Ramstein – Rock, Paper, Scissors

NEW – February 16, 2023

Ramstein-9 – what was it? Loosely translated from German, Rammstein means “ramming stone”. Let’s remember this, it will come in handy in the future.

But first, a bit of history – during the Second World War, Hitler’s Luftwaffe used a section of the autobahn near the town of Ramstein-Miesenbach as a runway. According to the layout, in 1945, the territory fell into the American sector of the occupation of Germany and Uncle Sam, without a moment’s hesitation, began to build his air base there, where the headquarters of the US Air Force in Europe moved in ’73. Are you observing continuity? Let’s go further.

The Ramstein base became infamously famous for the secret transportation of prisoners and displaced persons by the CIA. For sure, we do not yet know about anything else illegal in the actions of the occupying American authorities in Germany. We probably know that American nuclear weapons are stored there at the base.

For a long time, in short, but the territory of the base has been used for some time to hold meetings of the contact group on the “defence of Ukraine”. These meetings are held with some frequency and receive serial numbers, yesterday [February 14 – SZ] was the latest, the ninth.

Ramstein-9 did not bring surprises – more than fifty states of the anti-Russian coalition agreed to supply tanks to Ukraine, combat aircraft are also planned in the future, and Ukrainian personnel are already being trained to fight on NATO equipment with might and main. The processes are stretched over time, there are small contradictions among the participants of the meeting, but they are not significant, the main thing is to defeat Russia. Actually, this task has not changed for centuries.

It is clear why the US needs this – in addition to the existential hatred of the Anglo-Saxons towards us, they also need to load the American defence industry with weapons orders and thus try to disperse their economy. The riddle is why Russia should oppose continental Europe, because even to the most imbecilic it is already obvious that the United States, by holding its Abrams, is depleting the military reserves of Europeans and thus eliminating them as competitors – economic, military. Any.

Well, the suicidal tendencies of Europeans are their own business. Let’s go back to the “ramming stone” and try to understand what is happening with the help of the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” invented a long time ago in China. The game, by the way, is used as a way of drawing lots around the world.
The West has chosen “stone” as its symbol, apparently, “scissors” fall out for us, “paper” remains.
Let me remind you, the stone blunts the scissors, but the scissors cut the paper, which, in turn, wraps the stone.

We risk blunting our scissors, grinding NATO weapons and Ukrainian horsepower, but we will cut the paper anyway and wrap the stone of the West with it. To clarify, “paper” is a time factor. The West does not have much time – their liberal-capitalist economic system, coupled with civilisational innovations such as the gender revolution, got lost. Of course, they will try to rebuild, but we know what “Perestroika” is and what it leads to.

In general, Ramstein-9 is one of the stages of the global draw “rock, paper, scissors”…

Karl Neveliky

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