“Raze It to the Ground” – Ukrainian Colonel on How to End the War in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson



It is impossible to end the military conflict in Donbass the diplomatic way – such an opinion was expressed in an interview to the “Online” website by the Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vsevolod Steblyuk, who served in the anti-terrorist operation zone.

To the journalist’s question on how to “liberate our Donbass, to bring freedom to our people in the occupied territories”, Steblyuk responded by saying that the people who remained in the occupied territories don’t want “liberation”.

“There are doubts that they really want liberation there… Look, those who really supported Ukraine in that territory – they all came here long ago. Those who are for the DPR – they are there. And they are really happy. I communicate with people who go there, I communicate with journalists. Residents of the DPR-LPR in their majority are happy with what is going on there. They feel like heroes,” said Steblyuk.

The military-man added that a diplomatic solution to the conflict doesn’t exist. “They hate us. We hate them. And we haven’t been able to change this situation so far. It is impossible to stop this war by someone’s decision or in a diplomatic way. To liberate by force? There will be an enormous death-toll. To liberate the occupied territories of Donbass and Crimea it is necessary to conduct cleansing like what the Russians did in Grozny at the time: just raze it to the ground,continued Steblyuk. However, he is sure that such a variant of actions of the Ukrainian army “will not be understood by the world”.

Vsevolod Steblyuk is a Colonel of the Army, a professor of the department of criminalistics and forensic medicine of the Ministry of Internal Affairs academy. He was the head of the health service of the “Mirotvorets” battalion, and participated in the Ilovaisk caldron.

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