“Are You Ready to Slash Russians?” – the Question Asked by a Guest Of “Radio Svoboda”

By Ollie Richardson

Ukrainian “expert” in the field of communications and judeobanderist Aleksey Kovzhun, as a guest on the “Radio Svoboda” show “Donbass Realii”, live on air asked the listeners of the show a question about whether or not they are ready to start slashing Russian people. Footage of the controversial broadcast was posted for all to see on YouTube, although “Radio Svoboda” is quick to organise the removal of the evidence.

At first the guest had some doubts about whether he should voice his thoughts. However, his doubts didn’t last for long: ridding himself of all shame, he asked his question. He deliberately used the scornful expression “Rusnya” – an extremely pejorative slur against Russians.

“Ask yourself a question – are you ready to slash Rusnya?”

It should be remembered that “Radio Svoboda” is controlled and financed by the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, which is allocated over $200 million every year to spread toxic anti-Russian propaganda and to promote the US military-industrial complex. The show “Donbass Realii” (Donbass Realities) is a recently created innovation that seeks to further cement the “Russia invaded Donbass” narrative in the minds of “independent” Ukrainians.

Now that the West has been thrown out of the Middle East, NGOs like “Radio Svoboda” become even more dangerous, since Washington knows that it cannot defeat Russia in a one-on-one military confrontation, and thus the CIA’s focus from hereon in is to undermine Russia from the inside. However, the decision of the US government to oblige “RT” and “Sputnik” to register as foreign agents and to remove their press credentials for the White House can only have a boomerang effect, because this gives Moscow the full right to implement counter sanctions against fifth-column filth like “Radio Svoboda”.

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