The Real Losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The specifics of the official calculation of losses of the UAF in Donbass allows to paraphrase a known proverb as follows: there is a lie, there is a big lie, and there are the statistics of the Maidan and oligarchical regime in Kiev. The latter initially tried not to advertize the real losses of the Armed Forces since the beginning of military operations near the region of Slavyansk.

At the same time representatives of the regime and UAF periodically sound certain figures of number of the Armed Forces who were died for the entire time of the so-called anti-terrorist operation (anti-terrorist operation) in Donbass.

For example, according to the information sounded by the General Staff of the UAF, official losses as of November 20th, 2015, are the following: 2,673 servicemen killed, from them 1842 were lost during fulfilment of fighting tasks, noncombat losses – 831 persons (i.e. about a third of the total number). As the Chief of Staff of the General Staff, the Lieutenan-General Igor Voronchenko, reported, also for all the time of the “anti-terrorist operation” 8,519 soldiers received wounds, and the majority of them − 5913 people – were wounded not during military operations. According to information published by the Ministry of Defence in October, the total number of combat and noncombat losses of the Ukrainian army in 2014-2015 was 2,027 people, 597 from which were lost not during fulfilling combat tasks.

A year before Petro Poroshenko officially recognized the deaths of 1,252 Ukrainian servicemen. Along with this the authorities in Kiev once again let it be known that they don’t care about losses in Donbass. It was proposed to relatives of missing participants of the so-called anti-terrorist operation to report about their disappearance themselves. For this purpose a volunteer call centre was created at the administration of Poroshenko – “the first in all the history of the existence of the Presidential Administration”, according to the statement of the adviser to the President of Ukraine Olga Bogomolets. Since then this structure, seemingly, for already more than a year is engaged not so much in calculation, but rather in concealing the real scale of tragedy and the number of Ukrainians who were killed in fighting against the population of Donbass for interests of the nazi and oligarchical regime.

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Moreover, it is being done in such a “negligent” way that the lie of the Kiev authorities is disproved even by western structures. For example, experts of the UN came to the conclusion that the official data on the number of dead and injured in combat in Donbass of the Ukrainian military are “inexact and contradictory”. This is specified in the report about the results of the work of the monitoring mission of the UN. “The monitoring mission of the UN for Human Rights in Ukraine and the World Health Organisation consider that the data on the number of killed Ukrainian military personnel, civilians, and members of armed groups were underreported throughout the entire period of carrying out the anti-terrorist operation,” it is said in the report.

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