The Real Number of Victims of the Odessa Massacre Is 397 People

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The “Heavenly Hundred” faded in front of the number of real victims burned to death or killed in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014.

It is obvious that the massacre of people was planned by the new Maidan authorities, which tried to hush up the Odessa tragedy using all means. Nevertheless, the terrible truth emerged. The Odessa historian and the prose writer Aleksey Ivakin over a period of two years inquired about the dead and missing citizens – participants of clashes on May 2nd, 2014. Some perished during the fire in the House of Trade Unions, some were shot or beaten on the streets with metal poles – Ivakin counted them all. There were 397 people. Both those who held a “pro-Russia” meeting and their adversaries – all together. Now the historian is preparing to publish the publicistic book and a collection of stories about those tragic events and their participants. It is necessary to once again make the proviso: among the dead in Odessa on May 2nd there were both anti-fascist/pro-Russian activists from Kulikovo field and their adversaries – Ukrainian nationalists. One more essential proviso: some victims of the “Odessa meat grinder” died from being beaten, from wounds, and from injuries sustained on May 2nd, but not on the day of the tragedy, but a bit later in hospitals.

Dozens of volunteers from both sides of the conflict helped Aleksey Ivakin to count. So the statistics can quite be considered as full. However, an official reaction from the Ukrainian authorities hasn’t yet arrived. The authorities continue to stick to the narrative of 48 deaths in the House of Trade Unions, which were killed in the fire, and it is understandable: up to 50 victims is an accident, but if it was more than 50 it would become an catastrophe demanding a global investigation. This is not the Heavenly Hundred, which has been mourned for four years by Maidanists, although in both cases it is deliberate murder to achieve the necessary excitement of the crowd and the victorious cementing of the revolution of dignity. I.e., Kiev deceived the whole world, having consciously understating the number of the victims of the Odessa tragedy in order to avoid a tribunal.

Sonya Buse: “We were told this by one drunk Ukrainian ‘State’ official from Odessa more than 2 years ago. We were in the spa of a five-star hotel in Karlovy Vary. This official was covered in tattoos and was in the company of strange Chechens”;

Anatoly Artemyev: “All of us saw and felt that the number of victims was much bigger than the arsonists declared. The punishment for fascists and nationalists for the loss of life and for the global lie in everything will be more terrible. Great sadness for the people”;

Feliks Daragan: “It was known the following day. My father-in-law, as a doctor, was summoned there, he was present during the removal of the corpses from the basement. He said that no less than 200 had been taken out secretly”;

It is in this way that anxious readers commented on the unexpectedly revealed truth: among the killed there are members of “Right Sector”, firefighters – who were trying to put out the fire on Kulikovo field, police from Grecheskaya Street – where clashes took place, employees of the security agency who arrived because of the alarm system in the House of Trade Unions, and the serving employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine bringing people, random passersby, and activists of Russian-speaking organisations out from there. Some of the dead weren’t identified – their names and passport data are known, but “who” they fought for is not clear.

Literally just after the Odessa tragedy it was reported more than once that in reality it’s not 48 victims who died, as the official statistics say, but much more. Oleg Tsarev, then still a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, spoke about more than 100 dying. The deputy of the Odessa regional council Vadim Savenko counted 116 victims from the standoff. However, the trial on the case of “May 2nd” still drags on – looking for those responsible and the orderers of the tragedy is unbeneficial for the authorities. But now, when the Mikhomaidan with red-black flags expands, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs isn’t in a hurry to “restrict” the protesters, someone gave the command to open the Pandora’s box of Odessa with the name Parubiy, Avakov, Kolomoisky, Nemirovsky (the governor of Odessa region, the protege of “Privatbank”), who, as is said by insider sources, had a direct connection to the tragedy in the House of Trade Unions. Cui prodest?

May 2nd Tragedy in Odessa. Reconstruction. Part 1: Preparation

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