The Real Reason Why Poroshenko Doesn’t Want to Sever Diplomatic Relations With Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Roshen factory in Lipetsk during the war earned 1.4 billion hryvnia for the President of Ukraine…

The main news of today is that Poroshenko is categorically against the severance of diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation.

But don’t think that some complicated processes form the basis of this position. The main motive is the opportunity to freely extract to Petro Poroshenko the profit of LLC “ROSHEN” out of Russia to …. But more about that later. Please have patience.

Friends, as promised, I continue to reveal the secrets of the most mysterious and all-powerful (it’s even impossible to put it in quotes) corporation in Ukraine, ROSHEN.

The fact is that the information noise that was made around the “blind trust” will quickly subside. In any case, the authorities very much count on it.

After all, the investigation of my colleagues was based only on one letter of the company AVELLUM, and in its essence there are neither the facts nor proof that Poroshenko had the evil intention to evade taxes or to move profits from the corporation into an offshore.

I, as a systematic person, begin a series of articles with an evidential base that reveals the entire essence of our President and his company.

You may have already seen the first part of this investigation. In it I published the real structure of ROSHEN and its plan to create a chain of foreign companies (including in offshore countries).

In the following publications I will lift the veil over the ROSHEN shrine – its income and profits.

Despite the fact that this corporation forbade the publishing of its financial results (and now it is clear to me for what reason) we will publish them and we will do it solely for national security reasons. Why? Now you will understand.

Here is the document on the net profit of LLC “ROSHEN” in the Russian Federation. If many believed that the factory was closed, the factory was arrested, the factory doesn’t operate, then you were impudently deceived.

  • For 2014 the net profit of LLC “ROSHEN” in the Russian Federation: 386,440,570,81 UAH.

  • For 2015, the net profit of LLC “ROSHEN” in the Russian Federation: 839,361,883,65 UAH.

  • For 2016, the net profit of LLC “ROSHEN” in the Russian Federation: 39 515 853,83 UAH.

  • In half of 2017, the net profit of LLC “ROSHEN” in the Russian Federation: 115,282,276,03 UAH.

  • IN TOTAL during the “war against Russia” Petro Poroshenko earned a net sum of 1,380,600,584,32 UAH.

So, what severance of diplomatic relations it is possible to speak about, if the question is about such money? You are fools.

P.S. My next publication will be devoted to how ROSHEN in the Russian Federation “optimized” its taxation in order not to pay income tax neither in Russia, nor in Ukraine, but to bring them to countries where (according to Irina Lutsenko) Roshen has no accounts.

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