What a Real “Ship of Shame” Looks Like…

By Ollie Richardson

To begin – a brief historical recap. After the “good natured” jostling with the Spanish empire (including the “epic” feat versus Blas de Lezo), in 1585, English “explorer” Sir Ralph Lane, after being given the green light by the Queen in terms of funding, embarked on a journey westward to “meet and greet” the natives of Roanoke Island. Armed with his band of thugs and rifles, after shooting all the birds on the island for food, soon they “accidentally” pointed the guns at the natives, and frogmarched 2 boys to London in order to convince the queen that more funds were needed. One of the boys fell ill on the journey across the Atlantic and died. His body was buried and a tombstone was installed with the inscription “Property of Sir Francis Drake” – the boy’s identity had been stripped and erased. The other surviving boy was paraded before the Queen, and “voluntarily” handed over some native jewels. Lane got his funding, and back he went across the Atlantic to futher “help” Roanoke. After the Anglo colony went missing (they carved in a tree that they had traveled elsewhere), Ralph went to Ireland, where he “helped” the locals there, by “accidentally” starving them to death.

In the late 19th century the British thuggery moved onto a whole new level. Just when the Kaiser was about to lay a train track from Berlin to Baghdad using French, Russian, and Ottoman investment, and just when the German naval fleet was about to make the transition to petroleum power (courtesy of Daimler’s discovery) and render the coal-powered British ships useless, he was isolated from the Ottomans (Balkan wars/triple entente), cut off from the Russians (foreign minister Serge Witte was ousted), and pushed away from the French (Dreyfus affair). Germany was subsequently carved up and given banana republic status for the foreseeable future.

HMS Ben-my-Chree seaplane carrier – used to flatten the Kaiser’s Germany.

In the 1980’s, the latest demon to sit on the Anglo throne not named Elizabeth, Maggie Thatcher executed gunboat diplomacy when Argentina refused to participate in the Eurobonds scam, which at the time was decimating the economies of second and third-world countries.

HMS Coventry – sunk during the British attempt to bully Argentina.

The aforementioned three exemplary actual events all have, among many other things, one main thing in common – Anglo Saxon naval aggression. Whether it’s African or American-Indians being treated like cattle, islands being looted courtesy of proxy Anglo pirates, or the seizure of Latin-American land, when it comes to turning the seas red with blood London has no competition.

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With this in mind, it is now possible to objectively glimpse at this shambloic waste of paper seen below, courtesy of the 21st January, 2017, edition of the monarchy-worshipping Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Now some more historical recapping. In 2003, after lying at the UN (which is bought and paid for anyway), Tony Blair and his band of thugs began the invasion of Iraq. Flagship of the Royal Navy HMS Ark Royal (aircraft carrier), named after the ship that attacked the Spanish Armada, headed to Iraq to participate in the massacre of over 1,000,000 Iraqis. In 2011, the French Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier participated in the total annhiliation of the Libyan state, and also later on to bomb Syrian infrastructure and Iraqi neighbourhoods. Britain would have joined in with the naval aggression, but despite centuries of looting no aircraft carrier could be spared. Is Charles de Gaulle labelled a “ship of shame”? Is HMS Ark Royal called a “ship of shame”? Of course not! These “magnificent” vessels are “defenders” of “freedoms” and “democracy“. How dare “Muslims” threaten the “modest” life of our “precious” Queen! How dare Argentina try to take the Falklands back! And Africa – pay your IMF loan or taste the same fate!

HMS Ark Royal – delivering “democracy” to Iraq…again.

In all seriousness, the deployment of Admiral Kuznetsov really humiliated “Great” Britain – akin to a pathetic feeble dog barking at the passing caravan, a truly pitiful sight. Sending a few “warships” to harass him as he legally powers through the British Channel to put another nail in CIAl-Qaeda’s coffin… Pathetic. Critising the “black smoke”, despite the fact the ship never broke down (unlike the British Duncan air-defence destroyer trailing Kuznetsov)… Pathetic. Inventing a story that Russia was denied permission to refuel in Spain… Pathetic. Claiming that Kuznetsov killed civilians without a shred of proof… Pathetic. And even harassing him as he makes his way back to Russia (after concluding a lucrative military deal with General Hafter of the Libyan Army)… Pathetic. But it’s okay, send some rusty tanks through the Channel Tunnel, if it makes you feel better. Maybe the “Russian hackers” are hiding there…

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Now that Trump has been inaugurated, the isolation of Britain begins. Of course, some deals will be made, and Canary Wharf  will try to ride the gains of the Dow Jones, but in terms of building something – a long term project, the UK is going nowhere fast. “Multi-culturalism”? A failure. Credit inflation? A failure. Aiding and abetting terrorists? A failure. But allowing Saudi Arabia to inject wahhabism into society, allowing Israel to lobby against British politicians, allowing Qatar to own the vast majority of London real estate, allowing India to gobble up northern industry, and most importantly, allowing British taxes to be used for genocide and the propping up of neo-nazi/Salafist regimes – these are all a great “success”.

“Ship of shame”? How about island of shame?! Both France and Germany will transition away from the CIA’s yolk (elections in 2017), the US is in the process, but Britain? Sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss. As Nigel Farage once said – “you’re not laughing now, are you”?

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