The Red Cross in Donbass — the Target of Attacks by the Ukrainian Special Service

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On May 30th the Kiev troops staged another provocation against representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross and civilians of the village Prishib in the Slavyanoserbsk region.

During the distribution of humanitarian aid, the international organization was subjected to a UAF mortar attack, stated the deputy head of the Ministry of State Security of the LPR Aleksandr Basov.

“The Ukrainian terrorists knew about the departure of a humanitarian convoy in which there was a delegate of the international organization in Ukraine, a citizen of Australia, they saw the cars with symbols of the ICRC and realised that 30 residents of the village living at the line of demarcation are receiving humanitarian aid. But it didn’t stop them. They deliberately shelled,” he said.

“Also, the fact that the mortar attack was done in the same area where the vehicle of the observers of the OSCE Special monitoring Mission was blown up is indicative,” emphasized the deputy minister.

Basov also noted that the Ministry of State Security of the LPR repeatedly warned representatives of all international missions working on the territory of the Republic that the regime operating in Ukraine, because of the impossibility to conduct open military operations, uses terrorist methods of war.

According to the deputy minister, “its purpose is to intimidate the population, to support the myth about terrorism on the territories of the Republics of Donbass, using any pretext to kindle hysteria through the media and special relations with western curators.”

“We also warned representatives of international missions that they became the target of special operations of the Special Service of Ukraine, and asked to coordinate departures to the line of demarcation. Unfortunately, our requests weren’t yet heard. Either international missions are sure that are capable of ensuring the safety of their employees in the conditions of the military conflict, or they don’t want to understand all the specifics of the situation in Donbass, where the concept ‘terrorism’ is applied not to those who establish a terrorist regime in relation to the people, but to those who try to defend it from genocide.

In these conditions we are forced to appeal once again publicly to representatives of international missions to observe all necessary security measures in order to not to become the victims of the acts of terrorism or provocative shelling that the inhabitants of our Republic  are constantly subjected to,” summarised Basov.

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