“Referendum at Gunpoint”

NEW – September 27, 2022

Western media calls it a “referendum at gunpoint”, but it’s not.

This is a referendum at the point of MLRS and howitzers. NATO MLRS and howitzers donated to the Ukrainian military.

And here’s what’s interesting: for some reason, no elections in the Ukrainian jurisdiction have shown such a turnout. 

This is despite the fact that 155 mm shells were not fired at people and roads to polling stations were not mined.

Today someone wrote that in the coverage of the Ukrainian and Western media, even a pale shadow of logic is categorically absent.

And this is understandable. In order to explain everything at once, logic had to be abandoned. 

The same thing happened when the citizens of the DPR and LPR were both “hostages” of evil Russians, and at the same time “drunks and drug addicts”, for whom there is no pity.

And it would be better if you explained, dear “colleagues”, why there (in Ukraine), where there are no Ukrainian weapons, a simple person immediately wants to escape from Ukraine? 

Isn’t it because you naturally drove one part of the population crazy, and well intimidated the other one?

At gunpoint, my ass!

Igor Gomolsky, resident of the DPR

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