Refined Bulgarian Russophobia

Our “brothers” distinguished themselves again:

Russia shouldn’t support the “dubious historical thesis” that the fight of the USSR against Nazi Germany was the liberation of Europe. This was stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria in a message published on the website of the department.

Bulgaria since the first moment of the existence and up to now vividly embodies and clearly demonstrates a cardinal and lasting for centuries foreign and domestic policy mistake about the presence of certain fraternal peoples and a certain gratitude that they owe for the hundreds of thousands of Russian lives given for them and billions of Russian gifts, the first of which is the very fact of the existence of this country and nation.

Literally on the second day after the liberation from Ottoman dominion for which Russia paid hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of fully-fledged freely-convertible imperial rubles, Bulgaria was already cheerfully Russophobic, protecting the interests of Austria-Hungary.

Then, in 1915 the German-Bulgarian alliance came, where again “brothers” fought against Russia.

Well, and it is already logical – in World War II – that the Bulgarians once again threw themselves into the arms of the Reich and faithfully fulfilled the allied obligations to Hitler up to the moment when T34 silhouettes loomed on the border. Then they became tender “brothers” again and even declared war on their suzerain – Germany. Is there anything one wouldn’t do in order to not be endangered by “Uncle Joe”?…

Until 1991 “brother” Bulgarians frankly used “brothers” from the USSR by selling their harvests at an inflated price and receiving energy resources at a cut price. And as soon as they felt the taste of cookies, they also abruptly, like before, switched over to their usual camp, this time designed as NATO, competing with the Balts in terms of Russophobic rhetoric and shitting on Russia and Russians at the slightest opportunity they had.

Moreover, Bulgarians do Russophobic actions not at all out of reckoning, but actually the opposite:

“From a rational point of view, the actions of our brothers have no explanation. Bulgarians are beggars like church rats. The nearly half a billion that they could earn from transiting Russian gas is a pot of gold. Russian gas at a discount (like first hand) is great happiness that other European people can only dream of. And for this purpose the Bulgarians did not need to invest their money, all expenses were undertaken by Russia.

By the way, other European peoples (those who in the past firmly received from the Russians in the neck) didn’t get in the way of ‘South Stream’. Rich Austria kindly signed the contract. The prospering Germany long ago accepted with a bow Nord Stream, despite the heart-rending cries of the Baltic states and all kinds of Poles there. But the main European beggar — Bulgaria — was propped up.

Well, the Russians sighed, love can’t be commanded, and went to negotiate with the Turks. With those same Turks who an unfortunate Bulgaria was saved from 137 years ago. And they thought to themselves: Tsar Aleksandr Nikolaevich Osvoboditel made attempts in vain, if Bulgaria was still a Turkish province we’d have fewer haemorrhoids.

It just so happens that it is much easier to agree on something with a strong opponent, against who we fought on equal parity, than with a capricious spoiled ‘relative’.

And an agreement was reached. Now the gas pipe will go not along, but across the Black Sea, and not to the Bulgarians, but to the Turks:

For Russia, in principle, it is all the same who gas is sold to. Turkey in this sense is even more preferable as it is much more solvent than Bulgaria. Its economy, unlike the Bulgarian one, blossoms and smells sweet. But now our Bulgarian ‘brothers’ will be obliged to stretch the gas pipeline towards their previous enslavers, and in addition to bargain a price with them. But the Turks are able to bargain,” wrote Yury Alekseyev right after the fiasco with the gas pipeline through Bulgaria.

After Putin’s statement about the termination of the construction of South Stream, the Bulgarians suddenly realised that this statement costs exactly €400,000,000. And not as a one-time payment, but annually… Exactly the amount that Bulgarians would receive from the functioning of the South Stream that nobody even asked them to invest in…

But this is not all. In addition to South Stream, the Bulgarians also refused to construct their own nuclear power plant in Belene, which Russia also suggested to complete on credit, which led to the irrevocable loss of the €3 billion that had already been invested in the construction.

Add to this the closure of the Russian market for already semi-crushed Bulgarian agriculture, and the portrait of the “non-commissioned officer’s widow” will be complete and final… And I wrote about the same subject of the masochism of the Balts only yesterday…. I see that all friends of the “Empire of Good” suffer (or enjoy) this psychiatric disorder.

I think that I have provided enough proof that Bulgarian Russophobia is never paid for by the Anglo-Saxons, but that it is their own sincere, mature, and ripened position for the sake of which “brothers” don’t feel any self-pity for.

Sergey Vasiliev

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