Reforms, Freedoms, Maidan: The Recycled Lexicon of Victoria Nuland’s Successor

By Ollie Richardson

On November 15th, 2017, the Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Aaron Wess Mitchell arrived to the capital of the oh so “independent” Ukraine to mark the country’s transition from a fully-fledged hypnotised battering ram against its Motherland to a spent preservative ready for liquidation. It would appear that the CIA has established a script that is seemingly able to fool the same naive souls who were jumping on Maidan in 2014. Any new figurant who is involved in the said liquidation is told to immediately head to the monument of the so-called “Heavenly Hundred” for a very “touching” short video. In this case, Mr Mitchell – the successor to Victoria “f*ck the EU” Nuland – greased his hair and ensured the script behind the camera was in view:

He regurgitates the same lexicon that is now very familiar to those who watched the US level Belgrade to the ground in 1999:

“More than a hundred people died on this street, and they died for a very clear purpose. And that was to ensure that Ukraine has the ability to determine its own future… On my first trip as Assistant Secretary I wanted to underscore the enduring U.S. commitment to the ideas of Maidan.”

Apparently, the hundred people who died on Maidan three years ago “died for a very clear purpose”, and here it is difficult to disagree with this statement. As a reminder, here is how they died, but it wasn’t at all “to ensure that Ukraine has the ability to determine its own future”. After all, if that was true, then why are hundreds of angry people and militants camped outside the Verkhovna Rada currently in the framework of “Mikhomaidan”?

And of course, the word “reforms” is used a lot by US diplomats when speaking about Ukraine, but it a) implies that there is something left to “reform”, and b) implies an improvement in something. Well, perhaps the only thing that was improved was the efficiency of Washington’s rape of a once sovereign State.

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The script read out by Mr Mitchell is actually remarkably similar to the one prepared by the current US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch when she first arrived in Kiev in 2016. She also was instructed by her superiors back over the Atlantic to stand by the “Heavenly Hundred” monument and to convince the population that a turkey does in fact vote for Christmas.

Moving back to 2017, the new second-in-command to Ms Yovanovitch later stood next to the wall of propaganda known as the “Monument to Fallen Soldiers”, also known as the wall of cannon fodder who died whilst committing fratricide in Donbass to make the friends of Joe Biden just that little bit wealthier. 

“The faces on this wall are a poignant reminder of the sacrifice Ukrainians have paid. And we have to remember that sacrifice. We also have to remember the cause that these men and women died for, and that was the cause of a free Ukraine.”

In the same way that Vyatrovich rehabilitates the nazi collaborators known as “UPA” and sweeps their crimes under the carpet of liberalism, the flagrant and frankly disgusting warping of history by Nuland 2.0 points to the idea that having a State that is economically no healthier than South Sudan is a “sacrifice” worth dying for.  And once again, this same stunt next to the wall of gullible Ukrainians was also pulled off by Pyatt 2.0 (Yovanovitch) back in August 2016. 

In the “free” and “democratic” Ukraine that America finally delivered to former Malorossiya after a bloody armed coup embellished with 100 “heavenly” sacrificial victims only one thing rings true: there will be no violins when you die. If you are lucky, you will be dumped in the ground as “surgical waste” or the simply declared as “missing” – gone with the wind!

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The seasons change, but the faces stay the same. The look of contempt, the dead behind-the-eyes gaze of emptiness, the psychotic smile with the message “do as I say, and not as I do”…  Joe Biden, Geoffrey Pyatt, Victoria Nuland, Marie Yovanovitch, Aaron Wess Mitchell  – they all asked Ukrainians the same question: are you going to jump, or do you need to be pushed? The truth is that there is no safety net for a State that worships such people as Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, a State that saws its own roots in a desperate attempt to grow “independently”, a State that tells children that they are better off sat in bomb shelters than in the classroom. Such a State made its bed, and now it will lie in it.

“So when the Devil wants to dance with you, you better say never, because a dance with the Devil might last you forever”

A Conclusive & Thorough Investigation Into Ukraine’s Maidan

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