To Refresh Your Memory: The UN Definition of Aggression

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Philip Ekozyants

The definition of aggression adopted by the UN General Assembly in December, 1974, (resolution 3314) clearly states: “shall qualify as an act of aggression: Bombardment by the armed forces of a State against the territory of another State. No consideration of whatever nature, whether political, economic, military or otherwise, may serve as a justification for aggression”.

Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria…

To refresh your memory:

“NATO used 1200-1500 high-precision sea-and air-based cruise missiles to strike 900 facilities of the Yugoslav economy. During the first phase of the operation these means destroyed the oil industry of Yugoslavia, 50% of the munitions industry, 40% of the tank and automotive industries, 40% of the oil storage tanks, and 100% of strategic bridges over the Danube. From 600 to 800 sorties per day were carried out. In total from the operation there were 38,000 sorties, about 1,000 airborne cruise missiles were deployed, and more than 20 thousand bombs and guided missiles were dropped. Also 37,000 uranium shells were dropped, the explosion of which over Yugoslavia sprayed 23 tons of depleted uranium-238…”

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