Released From Jail Odessa Journalist: “SBU Violates All Possible Laws of Ukraine”

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In Moscow, a press-conference of the international human rights movement “UAPOLITFREEDOM” took place, which was headed by the liberated prisoner from Odessa Elena Glischinskaya.

During the event she called on the international community to take decisive action against the Ukrainian authorities, and to stop the widespread violations of universal human rights in Ukraine.

“The SBU violates all laws of Ukraine, all that are possible,” explained Glischinskaya.

Executive Secretary of Russia’s State Human Rights Council Yana Lantratova said that the issue of political prisoners in Ukraine requires urgent attention from both third States and international organizations.

“Human rights activists, politicians, and public figures from 16 countries, including deputies of the European Parliament and MPs of Ukraine, have already signed the petition calling for the Kiev authorities to initiate the investigation of cases with signs of politically motivated prosecutions,” said Lantratova.

Director of the analytical center “StrategPRO” Alexander Vedrussov stressed that in recent years the role of international human rights organizations and UN agencies in the liberation of “prisoners of conscience” in Ukraine has increased significantly.

“UN officials have repeatedly tried to access secret SBU prisons, however, the leadership of Ukraine constantly refuses it,” added Vedrussov.

Maxim Grigoriev, President of the Fund for Research of Democracy Problems, participated in the liberation of Ukrainian political prisoners, and gave examples of the inhuman torture that are applied to inhabitants of Donbass. “People after the torture signed everything that was offered to them. No one could withstand it. Sometimes they even staged a mock execution,” concluded Grigoriev.

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