Reminder: Parubiy Hosted a NATO Delegation the Day Before the Shooting of the “Heavenly Hundred”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On the eve of the shooting of theHeavenly Hundred, the commandant of Euromaidan Andriy Parubiy gave an audience to a delegation of representatives of PACE at NATO.

A NATO delegation visited Maidan
(Article from 12.02.2014, published by

“The co-chair of the Interparliamentary Council and President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly  Hugh Bayley noted that the use of force and infringement of peaceful protests as a solution to the current crisis is unacceptable.

Hugh Bailey noted that NATO urged the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the authorities to hold an investigation into these events and to bring those who violated the basic principles of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech to responsibility.

According to him, the European community is ready to support any leaders who are ready to lead the Ukrainian people to a better future.

‘The latest dramatic events in Ukraine have stirred us. 20 years since gaining their independence, the Ukrainian people still ​​ chooses their future. Unfortunately, this process is painful, sometimes even with violence. I wouldn’t want to give you a choice between the East or the West, but rather a choice between the past and future,’ he stressed.

The head of the Maidan self-defense force and people’s deputy Andriy Parubiy also reported about the meeting with the delegation of NATO on Facebook.

‘Today Maidan was visited by the delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO headed by the President Hugh Bayley. During the discussion I emphasised the need for the imposition of sanctions’, noted Parubiy.”

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