A Reminder of Who Western “Civilised” Governments Call “Allies”…

By Ollie Richardson

Posting graphic material relating to war and its consequences can sometimes be distasteful, especially if it is being used to justify more aggression and death. However, there are occasions when it is necessary to disseminate such material in order to draw the attention of either a group or a community to something objectively wrong that can be prevented with their intervention. At the macro scale, whole nations can band together and raise awareness of actions or ideas that do nothing other than bring harm to both people and peoples (e.g. Vietnam war). For example, Iran is very resilient and determined to highlight how the Wahhabist ideology only brings misery to the Muslim world, Palestinians equally so try using all the means they have to raise awareness about the Israeli occupation of their land. The examples are endless.

With that in mind, although extremely graphic, the video below should serve as a reminder of what the governments of Western countries not only funded and continue to fund, but also armed/arm and helped/help to complete recruitment for. The White Helmets were given an Oscar for a piece of cinema (in reality it was PR produced by the State Department) that depicted them as heroes who save children from “evil Assad”. After watching the video below, can both the “White Helmets” brand and members honestly be described as “heroic”? The White Helmets in the Daraa region of Syria recently expressed their solidarity with the firefighters of London after the Grenfell Tower fire. It is known that the founder of the White Helmets is the British citizen  James Le Mesurier, who founded the parent organization Mayday Rescue. Regardless of any legal talk or attempts at diffusing responsibility, he is responsible for what is seen in the video below, and should be brought to justice, along with his terrorist recruits.

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Whilst many followers of the Syrian & Iraqi wars have become almost desensitized to beheadings, executions, VBIEDs, headshots, etc, this doesn’t make a crime any less flagrant. When everything is said and done, it will always be remembered that the western governments aided and abetted the terrorists seen in the horrific footage below, and Russia and allies firmly and without compromise stood against it – without one step backwards! Never forgive, never forget.

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