Removing Solzhenitsyn From the School Curriculum

NEW – January 27, 2023

A lie [inside Solzhenitsyn’s surname is the prefix “лже”, which implies “fake” – SZ] was already laid in his surname, and while encouraging others not to live a lie, Solzhenitsyn lied a lot – all his life, both for the sake of gaining fame, which he obviously was extremely eager to achieve, and for the sake of obtaining material benefits that always obscure the truth with their pomp…

There seems to be one true book about Solzhenitsyn: “Portrait against the Background of a Myth” by V. Voinovich, but even in it the writer is too loyal in his assessments: in the direction of exaggeration – for even the notorious Denisovich did not turn into a character living among people, like Chichikov or Raskolnikov, for example…

And so justice flickers in Deputy D. Vyatkin’s proposal to remove GULAG from the school curriculum, a proposal that is as logical as it is controversial, which is natural: the Solzhenitsyn clan is probably very strong.

Of course, the camp system was terrible.

Of course, this should not be forgotten.

But Solzhenitsyn, presenting individual true facts, combines everything in such a way that it turns out to be a lie – the eternal companion of the writer…

For if the number of those repressed was almost a hundred million, as the narrator-researcher deduces, then who fought?

Who built it?

And – it’s not just a lie, but also the fact that the book is held within the framework of literature: where is literature, and where are Solzhenitsyn’s fantasies?

Do not confuse clumsiness with national character: and the language of Solzhenitsyn, who always pretended national character, is precisely clumsy, ugly, and amelodic.

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His writings resemble a mockery of the Russian language…with a lot of unreadable neologisms…with … to put it mildly – strange speech constructions…

After all, really great books should be taught: and in the school curriculum there is not a “And Quiet Flows the Don”, not a single novel by Leonid Leonov…

Too complicated for secondary school?

Let me tell you – in comparison with Solzhenitsyn’s writings, which you have to wade through with an extreme effort of will, they read just fine.

So the deputy is right, oh, how right…

Solzhenitsyn, who received an unjustifiable amount during his lifetime (sweetly declaring that he was used to living modestly, lived himself in a modest…estate with its own lake and chapel), absolutely not read by the people, about whom he allegedly cared, lied all his life, deserves one thing – oblivion.

Aleksandr Baltin

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