Renat Kuzmin: Bartholomew Opened a Pandora’s Box

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Renat Kuzmin

While pseudo-patriots in embroidery wail from TV screens about the next “victory” in connection with Fanar’s decisions vis-a-vis Ukraine, let’s look at the bottom line. So: the anathema was removed from Filaret and the Kiev metropolitanate was taken away from the Moscow Patriarchate and attached to Constantinople. And that’s all… And autocephaly was once again not given. They promised to give it later…

So where does the “victory” lie? In the fact that the decree of 1686 on the transfer of the Kiev metropolitanate to Moscow was repealed, or in the fact that the decision of 1992 on putting an anathema on Filaret was cancelled? It is for this that people froze on Maidan?

Everything is as usual – hiding themselves behind beautiful slogans about independence and freedom, easy riders just resolve their selfish issues: some plunder the budget, some rob the population, and others convert state property and natural resources in their own favor. These thieves already shared out among themselves and their western masters everything that has at least some value, including enterprises, the land, the forests, the subsoil, and, however awful it may sound, the solvent population. Now the time also came for church property and their parishioners… And you thought that they removed Yanukovych through their love for their Motherland?

Bartholomew opened a Pandora’s box. If Fanar’s decision to cancel 300/500-year-old decrees will be approved by the world community, then a chain reaction is inevitable. In this way it is possible to also end up with lawsuits in the International Criminal Court of the UN for unleashing a war of aggression and the annexation of Ukrainian land by the Mongol-Tatar Batu Khan in the 13th century. Right after our ancestors dug out the Black Sea…

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Well, if to speak seriously, then now it is quite possible to expect, for example, the State Duma’s cancellation of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR from 19.02.1954 concerning the transfer to Ukraine of Crimea or, for example, the Resolutions of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) from 15.03.1918 concerning the transfer of Donbass to Ukraine, or, for example, the cancellation of all decisions concerning the transfer of Russian, Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian territories to Ukraine in 1939-1954.

Congratulations on your “victory”, guardians of purity of belief and race!

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