Renat Kuzmin: Ukraine Ceases to be a State

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Renat Kuzmin

Friends, I thank everyone for their comments under my posts and for the reposts, the quantity of which sometimes reaches 5,000!

As I promised, I will answer the most topical issues asked in the comments.

Here is one of them: “You criticise the current authorities. And what, under Yanukovych life was better?” There is the desire to answer this question with another question: “And what, under Yanukovych was life worse for you?”

For example, in 2013 the US dollar cost 8 hryvnia, today it is 27; the average salary was $443, now it is $280; bread cost 4.80 hryvnia, now it costs 12 hryvnia; buckwheat was 9, now it is 22.20 hryvnia; sunflower oil was 14 hryvnia, now it is 33. The price of the majority of food products increased by 200-300%. Rent has grown by more than 500%, electricity – 700%, and gas – 800%… I won’t even mention the price of medicines…

Ukraine as a state not only ceased to provide the rule of law, the protection of law and order, a worthy standard of living of citizens, and the consolidation of society, but it has also lost the main signs of a state, such as sovereignty, independence, and a monopoly on violence. Ukraine is lawlessness and corruption, a rise in the level of crime – especially its violent forms, dependence on the IMF credits and the West’s policies, a loss of territories and the population, civil war, and split and hatred in society. Tell me, why does the Ukrainian need to pay taxes if the state forces them not only to pay for education, healthcare, housing, utilities, military duties, and to save up their own pension, but also to maintain all these ministers, deputies, governors, mayors, prosecutors, the SBU, NABU, and other freeloaders? At the same time the government of Ukraine budgets 1435 hryvnia per pensioner, 1559 hryvnia per child up to 6 years of age, 1944 hryvnia per child up to 18 years of age a month (!), while for the heads of NABU and Naftogaz respectively — 160,000 and 2,000,000 a month (!), and for this Ukrainians are also obliged to serve in the ATO during the next mobilisation?!

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Are these indeed the achievements of Maidan for the sake of which Yanukovych was toppled? And what is offered in exchange? Unprecedented freedom of speech [a reference to a statement once made by Poroshenko – ed]? Is it when oppositional TV channels are shut down and journalists are massively arrested, or when journalists are executed and blown up on the streets of the capital in broad daylight? Or maybe it is a visa-free regime that is given in exchange? Is it when earlier permission to enter the EU was given by the consul, and now – by the police officer at customs?

I hope, friends, that I have answered your question. I wish a good working week to all!

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