The Collecting of Information for a Report to the European Parliament About Human Rights Problems in Ukraine Was Announced

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A group of deputies in the European Parliament (EP) creates a special format of a working group to discuss the problem of the proliferation of neo-Nazi moods in Ukraine. On September 27th the first hearing on this topic will be held.

One of the speakers that was invited by members of the European Parliament, the former First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the lawyer of victims in the case about the murder of Oles Buzina Renat Kuzmin stated:

“According to the opinion of the organizers of the event, Ukraine’s European choice means an adherence to European values, however at the moment basic human rights, such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, prohibition of torture and other cruel treatment in Ukraine is grossly violated over the past few years.

Numerous reports by international human rights organizations documented administrative pressure applied by the authorities on the press, including the arrests of journalists for their professional activities.

Over the past three years in Ukraine many political murders took place (O. Buzina, O. Kalashnikov, Y. Grabowsky, P. Sheremet, etc.), however, the investigation into these offences yielded no results.

During the hearings in the European Parliament my speech about human rights abuses and the illegal use of law enforcement bodies for the criminal prosecution of opponents is planned.

I urge all who have something to say to the members of the European Parliament to send to me the relevant information for the preparation of the report.”

Renat Kuzmin also added that he will publish his report presented to the European Parliament.

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Contacting Renat Kuzmin is possible on the official page of the lawyer on Facebook.

Note that in Ukraine the announcement of the opening of the discussion platform on the topic of human rights in Ukraine caused a nervous reaction from the side of the Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

“First and foremost we need to look at the organizers. They belong to the extreme left-wing in the European Parliament, that’s why everything will be perceived through the prism of the reputation of these political forces,” said the People’s Deputy from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Inter-parliamentary relations, bilateral, and multilateral relations of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ariev in comment to “Obozrevatel”, having divided MEPs into those who suit him and those who are “hostile”.

Political analyst Evgeny Magda in general called to switch on the mechanisms to prevent the announced events from taking place.

In comment to news24ua, the lawyer Tatyana Montyan, who also was invited to the European Parliament as a reporter, said:

“I am satisfied by the hysteria of Ariev. Let him also beat his head against the wall, fat lying scum”.

Tatiana Montyan also noted that there is “no chance” of disrupting the meeting of the working group of the European Parliament to discuss the problems of the proliferation of neo-fascist moods in Ukraine and problems with human rights.

As was noted by the representatives of the initiative group, in Europe, which fully felt all the consequences of fascism, there should not be a place for any neo-Nazi manifestations.

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As was stressed by Jiří Maštálka, the most important thing is to objectively and convincingly describe what is going on in the country, and not to descend propaganda or “spreading false information”.

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