Report From Ukraine’s Nationalist “Bandershtat 2018” Festival

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The annual “festival of Ukrainian spirit” Bandershtat 2018″, where nationalists and brainwashed Ukrainians from all over Ukraine gather, has started near Lutsk, over the first weekend of August.

Besides the performances of rock groups, attendees were offered meetings with former UPA militants and a lecture by the founder of the “Azov” nationalist battalion Andrey Biletsky, etc.

Mugs, t-shirts, other paraphernalia of “Bandershtat”, and also propaganda leaflets and literature were being sold at a fair.

It didn’t take place without curiosities. The singer Viktor Pavlik, whose presence didn’t Banderists at all, because in the past he participated in the agitprop tours of Viktor Yanukovych, also performed at the festival.

“Now ‘Glory to Ukraine’ is being shouted. A unique opportunist,” wrote the host of the Ukrainian “1+1” channel Sergei Ivanov on Facebook with disappointment about Pavlik’s appearance at Bandershtat.

The performer, undesirable from an ideological point of view, profaned the immortal hit of the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Give It Away” with his smash hit “Shikidim”.

Also, the former participants of Eurovision 2017 from Ukraine, the “O.Torvald” group, showed up at the Banderist festival too.

The event in Lutsk will last until August 5th. In the next few days Bandershtat expects the people’s deputy-brawler Vladimir Parasyuk and also the leader of Nazi group C14 Evgeny Karas.

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