A Report on Svetlana Pikta’s Meeting With Human Rights Organizations Concerning the Threats of Ukrainian Radicals

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Svetilkin Lanna

A small report on today’s meeting with the OSCE Representative and officer of the UN monitoring mission for human rights. (Reposts are welcomed!!)

So, today I was received by the aforementioned OSCE Representatives and the UN. I transferred all instances (with the corresponding proof) of offenses concerning me and my family, starting with the “activity” of the well-known Tatyana Popova and finishing with the logical consequences of her activity (because it is precisely her who gave screenshots of my messages to radical organizations, about which there are corresponding screenshots), which all of you, my friends, had the opportunity to observe – from February and until the events on August 1st. The corresponding already-registered claim about a criminal offense in the Prosecutor’s office of Kiev and the complaint personally to Avakov concerning the actions of employees of the police (from C14), also already-registered (copies) screenshots (with intimidations and threats, with calls for reprisals over me and my family), videos, testimonies – everything that was enclosed in the claim to the Prosecutor’s office is also enclosed in the appeal to these international organizations. Besides this the relevant articles about the persecution of our family that were kindly translated by Stalker Zone are enclosed.

Now they will be observers in this case, in particular in the course of the investigation in the Prosecutor’s office, these materials will go to reports on human rights, and I gave permission to UN officials to use the materials of my case for indicative reports on human rights violations in Ukraine.

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And something else. I received an improbable lesson of courage from Elena Berezhnaya. Yesterday, when I learned about the grief that struck her, that now she can’t attend to me, and that all my case will grind to a halt halfway through, I even resigned to this. However, she didn’t forget about me, she arranged meetings for me and wrote where I have to be and when, for which I give her a low bow!

Yes, in the aforementioned international organizations she is very much respected both as a professional and as a person.

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