Representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group: The Main Formula Today in Ukraine Is to Inflate the War

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The representative of Ukraine in the trilateral contact group on the settlement of the conflict in the east of Ukraine Roman Bessmertny said that it is the militarization of the economy, industry, and the authorities that are on the agenda in Ukraine.

“The situation today is approximately as follows: society is in opposition with the authorities, which parasitizes on war, that’s why it is endured, just because military operations continue. Otherwise there already would be a Maidan, and all of this would slowly fall into oblivion. Here you have a formula of the happiness of the people who are in power now. Obviously, earlier those who earned on war parasitized on it earlier, while now it is done by officials. The longer there is war, the more it will have allies. Such is its law,” stated Bessmertny in an interview to

According to him, there is the “bending” of the Constitution towards not democracy, but the centralization of power.

“As far as I see now, the situation catastrophically flies into the abyss. I am afraid that behind the slogans about the need to defeat the opponent there will be ‘bending’ towards the centralization of resources, holders of power, and power in general, which will incapacitate this system. If it was a question of a certain transition period, I would accept it as an argument. And to think about the future? When they say that we will be helped only by the presidential power or another one, I understand why it is being done on the eve of elections,” summarized Bessmertny.

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