Resentment Towards the EU: “Azov” Installed a Wooden Phallus Outside the EU Representative Office

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian nationalists from the party “National Corps” (formed by militants of “Azov”) brought to the EU representative office in Kiev a wooden phallic symbol – in this way the far-right protested against the news that Petro Poroshenko has agreed to lift the moratorium on the sale of deforested wood from the Carpathian mountains to the EU in exchange for a €600 million loan.

The nationalists left the “gift” in the form of a wooden phallic symbol, decorated with a ribbon, outside the building.


“They treat us like a third world country, like a territory, and not as a partner. The territory in which they want to sell their goods and take raw materials from. It is exactly for this reason that we brought this “gift”. Our demand: this is for you, and not the round timber,” said the nationalist Sergey Filimonov.


“For a tiny loan you are trying to take away our national wealth, dooming future generations to begging. At the same time, you support the crimes – the President of Ukraine has no right to dispose at will the natural mineral resources of Ukraine,” it is said in a resolution passed in the EU representative office.


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