Resident of Aleksandrovka: Ukrainian Police Aids and Abets UAF Shelling

Translated by Ollie Richardson


An injured female resident of Aleksandrovka, on the condition of anonymity, described how the Ukrainian police in Marinka accompanies UAF armored vehicles during the shelling of residential areas of the Republic.

“Every day they shoot, every day. They begin in the evening and finish shelling by the morning. Two weeks ago a shell landed on my verandah, it directly punched through the doors. On August 26th, 2015, a shell landed on the roof, there was nothing left,” said the female resident of Aleksandrovka.

“Today at midnight shelling begun from Marinka, I thought an ambulance was on the road, it turns out it was a police accompanying a BMP, they arrived, there was shelling, and they left with flashing lights, people were shocked that the police accompanied the BMP. It was horrifying,” added the peaceful inhabitant.

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