Resident of Kiev: “Our Blood-Brothers Are Being Exterminated in Donbass”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Elena Suprun

Friends! People!

I understand that for this post I can be jailed. I understand that my child may not see me again. But I can’t be silent and pretend that nothing is happening….

To me it’s all the same how I will be called – separatist, vatnik, traitor…

People, open eyes! Escape for a minute from your cosy world!

People, our blood-brothers are being exterminated in Donbass!!!

People! Exactly the same people already just ask for death to once and for all finish this hell!!!

Is it really true that all of us support the war????

Maybe it’s worth not listening to the false, paid news, but to hear your own mind and to understand that if Russia really was at war against us, then we would be her federation long ago. Or maybe someone naively believes that with “heroism” and peashooters we will be able to resist one of the strongest armies in the world?!

What are you afraid of? Of these ghouls who Maidan brought to power? Are these greasy freaks UKRAINE? Is this our COUNTRY??!

I understand that many of you came to Maidan completely sincerely – you just wanted to change something in your life! But the DISASTER arrived! I understand that none of you wanted this horror….

People, all over the world – let’s all leave our burrows! Let’s simply write on a white sheet of paper “I’m against the war!” Don’t be afraid, they won’t be able to shut everyone up! We are a COUNTRY!

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P.S. If I don’t appear on FB, know that I am in trouble – I live in Kiev…

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