Resident of Kominternovo: “They Continue to Shell Like They Always Have Done”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Pikuzov family describes how they live in the settlement of Kominternovo, with completely destroyed infrastructure and under daily UAF shelling.

“Here is what was left from one window, in the bedroom the window is completely boarded, in the hall plastic windows are boarded too, and that’s how we live without light. After lunch they allow us electricity, and in the evening it is interrupted,” described the female resident of the frontline settlement of Zaitsevo.

“Yesterday a shell arrived from Talakovka and also from Vodino,” she added.

“Here lies what arrived yesterday. Here you can see everything that you want, also everything that you do not want, it hit the house and ricocheted and landed here,” said the local.

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